Aims and Objectives

The Academy Squad Teams

These classes are via invitation only

The Academy Club Squad Team

Our Club Squad Team is for gymnasts identified as showing potential to represent the Academy in the London Regional Club Grades Development Programme 14-9 with the aim of progressing through to the National Grades 9-5 which lead to National Finals. These gymnasts also follow the out of age London Regional Voluntary Levels System and train 11 or 12 hours per week and more throughout the holidays.

The Academy Regional Squad Team

Our Regional Squad Team are selected gymnasts showing potential to represent our Academy at a Regional and National Level. These Gymnasts main events throughout the year consists of The Rosebowel International, The Bill Slater Championships, The Challenge Cup and The English Championships. Gymnasts train 17 hours per week and more through the holidays.

The Academy Elite Squad Team

Our Elite Squad Team show they have the talent to pursue the Elite Performance Pathway representing the Academy, Region and Country. Gymnasts compete in the National Compulsory and Voluntary Levels 4-1 then the British and English Championships each year with the aim of Great Britain National Squad placements. Our Elite gymnasts train between 12-20 hours depending on their age and more throughout the holidays.